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Emergency Water Damage Solutions

Your Go-To for Water Damage Restoration in Tempe, AZ

Wesmor Inc. offers expert water damage restoration services in Tempe, AZ. We provide 24/7 emergency response to address water damage quickly and efficiently, minimizing further damage.

Expert Water Damage Assessment
Advanced Restoration Techniques
24/7 Emergency Response
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Comprehensive Services for Every Scenario

Addressing All Types of Water Damage in Tempe

Whether it’s flood damage, burst pipes, or sewage backups, Wesmor Inc. has the expertise to handle all kinds of water damage in Tempe. Our services include flood/storm damage recovery, burst pipe repair, water removal, and sewage cleanup. We understand the urgency and work swiftly to repair and restore your property. Our team uses the latest techniques to ensure your home returns to its best condition, prioritizing your health and safety.

Water Damage Restoration Tempe AZ
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Flood/Storm Damage

Flood/Storm Damage

Burst/Broken Pipe

Burst/Broken Pipe

Water Removal

Water Removal

Sewage/Septic Clean-up

Sewage/Septic Clean-up

Flooding From Heavy Storms

Flooding from these natural events can cause significant damage to properties. At Wesmor Inc, we specialize in addressing flood damage caused by severe weather conditions. Our team is equipped with the tools and expertise to extract water, dry out spaces, and restore your property to its original state, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.

Frozen, Burst, Broken or Leaky Pipes

Water from broken pipes can infiltrate walls, ceilings, and floors, causing structural damage and potential mold growth. At Wesmor Inc, we understand the urgency of these situations. Our rapid response team is trained to locate the source of the leak, repair it, and then handle the water damage restoration process efficiently, minimizing the disruption to your daily life.

Overflowing Bathtubs, Toilets or Sinks

Our professionals will not only remove the excess water but also ensure that the affected areas are thoroughly dried and sanitized. We take pride in our meticulous approach, ensuring that every drop of water is addressed and your property is restored to its best condition.

Sewage or Septic Tank Floods

Sewage or septic tank floods are particularly hazardous due to the potential presence of harmful bacteria and pathogens. Such incidents require immediate attention and specialized handling.  Our team is trained to handle sewage floods with utmost care, ensuring thorough cleanup, disinfection, and deodorization of the affected areas. 

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The Wesmor Inc. Arizona Restoration Crew Is Ready to Assist 24/7

Specializing in water and fire damage repair, alongside expert general contractor services for remodeling and home additions since 1988.

Expert Damage Assessment & Inspection
Advanced Restoration Techniques
General Contractor & Remodeling
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24/7 Emergency Response
5 Year Warranty On All Work
Water Damage Restoration Tempe AZ
Water Damage Restoration Tempe AZ

Choose Wesmor Inc. for Trusted Water Damage Restoration In Tempe, AZ

Rely on Wesmor Inc. for all your water damage restoration needs in Tempe, AZ. Our family-owned business brings over 35 years of experience, ensuring quality and satisfaction. We’re not just restoring your property; we’re bringing peace of mind with our 5-year warranty. If you’re facing water damage, reach out to us. We’re ready to respond quickly and restore your property efficiently.

Reliable & Friendly Water Damage Restoration in Tempe, Arizona

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Water Damage Restoration Tempe AZ